1.In The End-J.D. gets help for his depression. Meanwhile,Melody accidentally steals an old but rare and valuable hat.

2.Look What You Made Me Do- Joey believes Christie only hangs out with J.D. so she has a GBF and they get into a feud.

3.Congratulations- Meant To Be wins a music award and when the find out they weren't supposed to win,they look to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, Joey and Faldo realize they have a lot in common and J.D. gets jealous.

4.Guys My Age-Christie gets a crush on the new history teacher,and he finds out. John finds out something about his dad.

5.Highway To Hell-J.D. tries to change up his personality and his friends try to help him.

6.Locked Away-Sam gets arrested and must reveal his mysterious past. Meanwhile,Christie and Falco try to help J.D. on his sick day. Also, Melody tries to bond with Joey so he'll do something for her.

7.The Way I Are-Right before the big Dance Joey breaks up with J.D.. Meanwhile,John's dad grounds John and John tries to find out why.

8.New Rules-J.D.'s friends help him with his breakup. Meanwhile,Melody tries to find a secret concert.

9.My Time-John tries out for the school's rendition of Hamilton. Meanwhile,Melody and Christie find a map that supposedly belonged to Alexander Hamilton.

10.Fetish-J.D. and Falco go cruising. Meanwhile, John finds out his father has severe brain damage due to his alcoholism.

11.Want U Back-Joey tries to get J.D. back. John and Falco get into a fight.

12.It's Everyday Bro-Christie gets into a fight with Jake Paul,so he shows up to make things even. Meanwhile, Sam goes back to school and his friends help him with this adjustment.

13.Dead To Me-John's father dies. Meanwhile,The group finds out they have a world tour.


  • This season has the most dedication episodes:
    • Linkin Park ("In The End")
    • Hamilton ("My Time")
    • Youtube Songs ("It's Everyday Bro"
  • There was supposed to be a BTS episode and it would've been the first episode to be an original song title ("This Episode Will Satisfy The BTS Fans,Now Pls Stop")