Season One of Meant To Be is set to be released on Netflix during late 2017. It is rated TV-14 and the genre is Musical-Dramedy (Drama X Comedy)

Main Characters

Christie Love-ChristinaGrimmieLove

J.D Centrale-Just Dance Central

John Jamison-JohnJD1302

Finn Lombardi-FalcoLombardi99

Melanie "Melody" Love-MelodyPheonix

Sam Effi-6f


1.Can't Stop The Feeling!-Christie wants to form a band to win a talent show! Meanwhilwe, Falco holds a protest against book banning.

2.24k Magic- The group has a big decision to face. Meanwhile, John needs Melody's help to get his mom a gift.

3.Most Girls- Melody reads an offensive comment on her MyTube channel. Also, Falco helps a drag queen!

4.The Cure- J.D gets sick before a big concert. Meanwhile, Christie has an unwanted admirer.

5.Swish Swish- Christie gets a new rival. Meanwhile, John tries to write a song.

6.Jingle Bells- The group host a christmas special. Meanwhile,Melody finds out her mom was hiding something important.

7.Into You- J.D gets a crush but afraid to tell his girlfriend, Christie. Meanwhile, Sam gets kiddnapped in an Uber.

8.Sugar Sugar-Christie and J.D go on a Valentine's Day date but everything goes wrong. Meanwhile, Finn gets a crush on the groups new choreographer.

9.Focus-Melody is told she has ego issues. Meanwhile, Christie came up with a play.

10.Break My Heart- Christie broke up with J.D. Meanwhile, Sam tells Falco what happened when he was kidnapped so he tries to get her help.

11.Last Friday Night-The group throws a wild party while there parents are gone. Meanwhile, Christie finds out that her mom has cancer.

12.Crying In The Club-J.D gets embarrassed after his boyfriend Joey protects him from a bully.Meanwhile, Falco tries to get in a club.

13.Carry On J.D tries to commit suicide. Meanwhile, Sam confronts his mom on his abuse.


  • Episodes in this series cover darker themes:
    • Homophobia
    • Child Abuse
    • Kidnapping
    • Cancer
    • Suicide & Depression
  • J.D. Was the first cast member to sign on.
    • Falco and 6f were the second
    • John and Christina joined the same day
  • Falco is co-writer
  • The unconfirmed carecters already have promo images.

Cast Photos