Christie makes a band to enter a school talent show. Meanwhile, after the school bans Finn's favorite books series, he protests.


Christie Love , a normal not-so-popular kid, decides to form a band with her best friends,her boyfriend,and her cousin to enter a talent show that changes their lives forever! Meanwhile, after Falco's favorite book trilogy "The Demon's Light" gets banned he decides to hold a protest with a new friend!


Christie: "Look.At. this. 1,000 dollars, yes please!"

"Alright,alright, you basic bitches. I'mma getcha to perform out there and win, ya hear that?

OJ.D.: "Hey boo. BOO!"

"I'm an independent man you don't need no man,woman,toad, or potato."

John: "So we're in a band? Awesome! Except one tiny problem... It's too great!"

"All the girls fall for me. (Melody:Then why haven't I?) Because you're to basic to date me. (Christie: Sure.)

Melody: "A band! Awesome! So how are we gonna split the money. I need at least half of it."

"I'm a star! I'm a awesome! And I'm a hungry!"

Falco: "Yass queen! I'm makin dat money money!"

"So are we gonna be always gonna be breaking into song and dance numbers?"

Sam "So Falco? Do you need 100 dollars again?"

"Honestly, I'm only joining the band cause there's really nothing to do today."


"We're The Best!"-Original (The Cast)

"Me Too/All About That Bass"-Meghan Trainor (Melody & Christie)

"Welcome To The Jungle"-Guns N' Roses (Falco)

"Cooler Than Me"-Mike Posner (J.D.)

"Happy"-Pharell Williams (Meant To Be)

"Despacito"-Luis Fonsi ft.Daddy Yankee (John)

"Can't Stop The Feeling!"-Justin Timberlake (Meant To Be)

"Malibu"-Miley Cyrus (The Beach Gang)

"Thinking Out Loud"-Ed Sheeran (The Emma's)

"Victorious"-Panic! At The Disco (The Cast ft.The Beach Gang & The Emma's)


  • The Emma's are a reference to Emma from the original series.
    • There name is also referencing The Veronica's
  • The only pre-2000s song is "Welcome To The Jungle"
  • The only non-english song is "Despacito"
  • The newest non-original song is Malibu.

Beta Elements

  • "Despacito" was supposed to use the Justin Bieber version
  • "Versace On The Floor" was supposed to be used instead of "Thinking Out Loud"